FSK V2.0 has been endorsed

The Foundation Skills Training Package (FSK) has been reviewed to ensure it reflects current industry needs and improves learning outcomes.

The new release of FSK is designed to be:

1. Relevant to all sectors

  • There are currently around 4m workers across the workforce with insufficient LLN skills, so this new release has a vital role to play in training entry-level workers in all industries

2. Designed to meet a growing need for foundation skills in the workforce

  • Low levels of LLN and digital skills leads to multiple problems (i.e., poor completion of documents, inadequate communication and problem-solving) that impede productivity in the economy as a whole

3. Critical for employability and continuing employment

  • Proficiency in LLN has been shown in a 2013 research study to be linked to employment outcomes

FSK redevelopment

The revised units of competency have been approved by the AISC on 13 August 2019. We have contracted Jan Hagston to provide the updates to 2 core and 13 elective units across FSK10219 and FSK20119.

Jan Hagston is a specialist in youth and adult education who focuses on literacy, numeracy and applied learning. She has worked with secondary schools, TAFEs, adult community education providers, universities and in workplace programs. She has a Masters in Educational Studies, and she has produced research papers across the secondary and VET sectors and written articles for education research journals.

David Tout is Senior Research Fellow, Numeracy and Mathematics, Vocational, Adult and Workplace Education services at ACER. David is one of the authors of the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) and was instrumental in the review and revision of the new FSK.

He has a series of FSK and LLN vodcasts on our website and the ACER website, now with NEW Discussion Notes.

After the success of our workshops in 2018, David is again running new workshops "Applying the FSK to Support LLN in VET” early 2020. Dates are as follows:

  • Melbourne: Wednesday, 19th Feb
  • Sydney: Wednesday, 26th Feb
  • Brisbane; Thursday, 27th Feb (TBC)
  • Adelaide: Thursday, 5th March

Register for our workshops.

In the meantime, details of the new training package, units of competency and qualifications can be found here, along with the Case for Endorsement and the FSK2.0 Implementation Guide.