Faces of VET

For the past two years Aspire has been collecting stories from students, trainers and anyone else involved in VET about the positive impact VET has had on their lives, and those around them. Aspire has really enjoyed hearing your stories and spreading the word about the difference VET makes in helping people move through education pathways to achieve their goals.

If you would like to share your story send it to marketing@aspirelr.com.au with a photo and we will feature you as a Face of VET!

Here are some of the most memorable stories.

Joanne With Business Group Copy

Joanne and her students

What do you love about working in vocational education (VET)?

"I love the opportunity to foster curiosity and enhance learning in the class room with individual and group sessions. Seeing the 'light go on' and the links to contextualised application in the BizOps scenarios to real life experiences of people and teams in the workplace."

Ibrahim Followup Copy


What has VET done for you?

Ibrahim arrived in Australia from Eritrea in December 2016. Ibrahim completed tertiary level study in Eritrea (in English) and had many years of work experience there. However, in his own words: "Australia. This is another planet." Recognising that he would not obtain work in his previous field (economic development), Ibrahim was looking for the quickest way to find steady work to support his family. He enrolled in our May 2017 program and although he started confidently, he soon realised that the theory test was going to be much harder than he expected. Ibrahim also found the practical side of forklift driving difficult as he had never operated one before. However, after putting in a massive effort, Ibrahim successfully obtained his qualification. Linfox trainer, Steve, emailed to say: "Ibrahim is the happiest man in Victoria right now!" Ibrahim attended our Resume Writing support program to update his CV and we referred him to #WorkNOW. He is currently working in a meat processing warehouse.

What do you love about working in VET?

“I love that I can directly see how the learning is taken from the classroom context to the workplace. When students ‘click’ and see how the learning can be used as a life skill directly transferred into a workplace – ready for success!” - Sara

Riviera Castro Copy


What has VET done for you?

Riviera worked as a truck driver for many years but found the long hours and unpredictable shifts to be unsustainable. He could operate a forklift but did not hold the required HRW Licence to apply for permanent forklift work. Being deaf, Riviera had not been keen to undertake VET as the cost of AUSLAN interpreters could be prohibitive. With our small class size and ability to tailor training to individuals, Riviera was able to undertake the test preparation with us without interpreters. Sign For Work then assisted with provision of interpreters for the accredited training at Linfox. Riviera passed both theory and practical components of the course and now has work at a warehouse in North Melbourne.

What do you love about working in VET?

“The people, the challenge and the excitement I see on their faces when they pass. Also the deer in headlights look when they first arrive. I love doing something good for the people who want it.”
- Stephen

Jessi Case Study Copy


What has VET done for you?

When Jessi was 18 years old she found herself in a relationship with an older man who treated her badly, Jessi also had a child that she needed to care for and prove she could be a responsible parent. She was a young woman struggling, who resorted to alcohol and drugs to cope.

Jessi was fortunate to gain a place at Triple Care Farm, which is supported by the Sir David Martin Foundation, where she was supported to complete a Certificate II in Work Skills and Vocational Pathways. With the right support and her own commitment, she was able to turn her life around. She is now completing a Certificate III in Child Care and will move on to work in the Child Care industry, which was always one of her passions, and she is looking forward to a brighter future.

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