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The Aspire Learner guide and support resources are designed to provide learners with the skills and knowledge required to qualify as a care support worker for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

It covers how workers can respond effectively to the needs of people of all ages with autism and work in collaboration with their families to implement person-centred support based on their unique needs.

The Learner guide applies to workers from multiple customer service occupations. It gives a comprehensive overview of current thinking on the diagnosis of ASD and describes interventions that are evidence-based and best practice. The final assessment features case studies that demonstrate various types of need to build an understanding of the complexity of the condition.

The Learner guide also covers:

  • The causes of ASD and its prevalence within the general community
  • How care support workers operate within a legal and ethical framework
  • The professional standards of the sector

Realistic examples, practice tasks, summaries and learning checkpoints give learners an opportunity to monitor their progress.

Resources available:

  • Learner guide (print and eBook format available)
  • Assessment resources
  • Competency mapping guide
  • PowerPoint presentation

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