Our eBooks are a digital version of our print learner guides that you can download onto your device and access anywhere, anytime.

They’re easy to download and can be used on your PC, laptop or tablet (maximum of 2 devices). Once you’ve downloaded your eBook, you don’t need to be connected to the internet to keep reading so you can come back to it as often and whenever you like!

Our eBooks:

→ are interactive

→ allow you to search for specific words or phrases

→ highlight text

→ bookmark sections

→ add written notes

→ look-up words using the built in dictionary.

As a trainer you can add audio and video notes for your students and assign homework.

eBooks are a digital product and are unable to be printed. If you require a physical book, our print learner guides can be purchased separately.

To purchase an eBook, visit the MyConnect online store

If you need help downloading your eBook check out our Frequently Asked Questions