The Minimum device requirements are below:


The minimum recommended device is an iPad3/iPad mini retina running on iOS 7.1. Please note that the use of iPhones is not recommended with this app.

Android Device

The minimum recommended device is a Galaxy Tablet 10″ running on Android OS 4.4 (Kit Kat). Please note myConnect will only work on tablets 10inch and greater.

PC / Laptop/ Tablet (Running Microsoft Windows)

The minimum recommended device is an i3 processor with 4GB of memory, 10GB of free disk, and a screen resolution of 1280 x 1024 running on Windows7 or above.

Mac Laptop or Desktop (Running MAC O/S)

The minimum recommended device is an i5 processor with 4GB of memory, and 200GB of free disk, running on Apple Mac 10.9 (Maverick).

I can’t download the app:

This could be 2 reasons:

1. A security firewall in your system is blocking the download. Please speak to the IT Department in your organisation so they can assist you in organising access.

2. Your device does not have the required system requires listed above run the APP.

Solution - If you are still unable to download the app you can access your eBooks via a web-browser at:

I don't have a resource that I should have:

You’ll need to speak to your trainer or administrator as they are responsible for providing you the correct content.

I am receiving the message:

Error message - ‘COD781: Your subscription is not active yet. Please contact your system administrator with this error code.’

Your administrator has not yet allocated any resources to you, please speak to your administrator.

MyConnect access via the Web browser will timeout if left unused:

If a MyConnect session times out you will be presented with a timeout message.

If a web browser tab displaying the timeout message is left open, while you are trying to login on a new additional tab, login will fail. This is a security measure. Because the system is still recognising you as timed out it will keep re-prompting login.

Solution - refresh the timeout tab or close it before opening a new tab to login.

My eBook doesn't load - there's just a spinning wheel:

List could be 2 reasons

You may not have the most current version of the app. Solution – delete APP and download newer version.

The download of the eBook may have been interrupted and corrupted. Solution - Archive eBook and download.

No eBooks or notes contained in the eBooks will be affected by deleting /archiving App or eBook.

The 'Read" button doesn't work on the app:

Solution - You have to make sure the eBook is downloaded. When you click on the cover of the book, the next screen shows the picture of the cover with an arrow on the front. Click on the arrow (highlighted in blue) to download the book.

Once the book is downloaded the ‘Read’ sign should now be highlighted light blue so you can begin.

Please contact Aspire on (03) 9820 1300 or if you are still having difficulty accessing your eBook.