What is an Assessment Support Pack?

Aspire’s Assessment Support Pack is a suite of digital files for the trainer and assessor. Each Assessment Support Pack complements a corresponding Aspire Learner Guide and provides guidelines for trainers and assessors on their responsibilities for formative and summative assessment to meet VET requirements.

The files are

  • editable
  • flexible
  • adaptable

Each Assessment Support Pack contains resources that provide you with a large pool of questions you can customise and adapt to ensure your formative and summative assessments are robust and match the requirements of your learner cohorts.

Our Assessment Support Packs (ASP) include:

  • Introduction Manual outlines the contents of the ASP, provides a link to the Unit of Competency on training.gov, explains the purpose of formative (Practice) and summative (Final) assessments and provides details of other Aspire learning resources.
  • Practice Assessment Workbook is designed for the learner and contains the assessments from the Learner Guide

  • Practice Assessment Marking Guide is designed for the trainer/assessor. It contains suggested responses to all the assessments from the Learner Guide:
    • Practice Tasks (featuring an engaging mix of question styles suited to the AQF level)
    • Learning Checkpoints
    • Talk with Others (suggestions for the assessor only; these questions do not appear in the Learner Guide).
  • Final Assessment Workbook contains the Final Assessment tasks for the learner as required by the unit of competency:
    • Questions
    • Project
    • Observation

  • Final Assessment Marking Guide contains suggested responses to the Final Assessment task for the assessor.
  • When the unit of competency requires a workplace Observation, a Third Party Report is included for the workplace supervisor to help monitor the learner and record their results in a workplace setting.
  • Support documents include templates, report formats, sample files and checklists to help complete the Final Assessment
  • Competency Mapping spreadsheet maps the learning content, assessments and PowerPoint slides to the elements, performance criteria, performance evidence and knowledge evidence of the unit of competency.
  • PowerPoint slides provide a visual summary of key concepts, additional discussion questions and live links to online content.
  • Delivery Plans are divided into Topics mapped to the Learner Guide. They support the Training and Assessment Strategies (TAS) by providing an estimated time to deliver the Topic, suggested training strategies, and discussion tasks at the end of each Topic.

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