Learner guides

Learner guides are available for every unit and are written to AQF level, they are available in both print and eBook formats.

Content in each learner guide is carefully laid out so it is easy for a student to follow.

Each learner guide contains a number of features that will help students get the most out of the unit, including:

  • learning content
  • examples
  • case studies
  • practice tasks
  • video clips
  • chapter summaries
  • learning checkpoints

For more information, or to purchase any of our printed Learner Guides please contact us at 03 9820 1300 or sales@aspirelr.com.au

To purchase eBooks, follow https://myconnectshop.campion.com.au/

Pricing Guide

eBooks start from $16.50 each

Printed learner guides start from $18.00 each

Support resources

Aspire’s Assessment Support Pack is a suite of digital files designed to save you time and energy.

The files are

  • editable
  • flexible
  • adaptable

We have made it easy for you to customise the Assessment Support Pack for your cohort again and again.

Each Assessment Support Pack is targeted to a specific unit of competency. It contains resources that provide you with a large pool of questions you can adapt to ensure your formative and summative assessments are robust and match the requirements of your groups.

Our Assessment Support Packs include:

  • ‘Learning checkpoints’ with solutions
  • ‘Talking with others’ with suggested responses
  • Final assessment instructions, project ideas and marking guides
  • Supporting documents, templates, forms and policies
  • Third Party report
  • Mapping guides in Excel
  • Observation tasks and marking guides

You can trust Aspire to be thorough and comprehensive in the preparation of reliable and compliant assessments

For more information, or to purchase an Assessment Support Pack, please contact us at 03 9820 1300 or sales@aspirelr.com.au

Digital subscriptions

Aspire’s award-winning Microlearning resources are interactive, video-based learning modules designed to engage learners by showing realistic workplace situations.

Learners can work through the modules at their own pace, whether they’re in a classroom or workplace learning environment.

Each Microlearning module includes:

  • Practical demonstrations of realistic workplace situations
  • Scenario-based learning activities that allow learners test their comprehension
  • Current workplace practitioners talking about their day-to-day work experiences
  • A Training Guide that shows trainers how to incorporate the Microlearning modules into their training strategy

Early childhood education and care Microlearning modules

Community services Microlearning modules

For more information, or to subscribe to any of our Microlearning modules, please contact us at 03 9820 1300 or sales@aspirelr.com.au