Microlearning ECE

Aspire's award-winning microlearning modules deliver the highest-quality digital learning for the the childcare industry.

"Intuitive, straightforward and well-organised, these modules pace learners through an engaging progression of material. The judges particularly noted the video-based decision-making opportunities as well as the strong Australian voice throughout the program, highlighted by interesting interviews with people actually employed in the industry. These modules are fun, highly contextualised and have a strongly targeted message tailored to the performance evidence. A great example of well-executed pedagogical planning." – 2018 Educational Publishing Awards Australia

The microlearning modules are designed to be used in conjunction with any training material and are the perfect tool to increase volume of learning.

The 12 microlearning modules cover the following topics (please click on each image for more information relating to that topic):

Kitchen Safety 12

The microlearning modules are accessed through a platform powered by dita Solutions. Click here to find out more about dita Solutions