Learner guides

Learner guides are available for each Business Services (BSB) unit and are designed to assist students in their education.

Content in each learner guide is carefully laid out so it is easy for a student to follow.

Each learner guide contains a number of features that will help students get the most out of the unit, including:

• Mapped to Units of Competency
• Workplace Examples
• Practice Assessments
• Topic Summaries
• Learning Checkpoints

Learner guides are available in print and eBook formats.

Support resources

Support resources are available for each Business Services (BSB) unit and provides trainers with ideas and tools to encourage and support their learners.

The Assessor Support Pack contains customisable and downloadable Word documents, PDFs, and other tools RTOs can use in their training and assessment strategy.

Each Assessor Support Pack includes:

For the student:
• Practice Assessment Workbook
• Final Assessment Workbook
• Supporting documents

For the assessor:
• Introduction Manual
• Practice Assessment Marking Guide
• Talk with Others discussion topics
• Final Assessment Marking Guide
• Observation Scenario
• Third Party Report
• Competency Mapping spreadsheet
• PowerPoint Slides
• Delivery Plans